Risen Faith Fellowship

2129 East Fourth Avenue     Olympia, Washington 98506        (360) 786-8095



Pastor Charlotte and Trustee Clinton Petty    

 Welcome to Risen Faith Fellowship, where we are planning the vision for tomorrow today!

We are now at the point in time when we must establish a state of the art campus where lives will not only be transformed but empowered to become spiritually, socially, economically, financially, emotionally, intellectually and physically balanced.   Risen Faith Fellowship will partner with the residences of Thurston County and together we will have a community that will serve as a model to the nation.

In this new model, we will build a campus that will consist of a multi-functional sanctuary, that will have the following ministries; youth/community center, childcare learning center, Pre-K through high school, the Risen Faith Fellowship Bible Institute.

Risen Faith Fellowship's vision is not to be an Island unto itself, but to reach out to the lost and hurting people who have no hope, and to encourage ourselves in the lord, our savior Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to create a community church that looks like heaven by exalting God equipping the people of God and evangelizing the world through Jesus Christ.

Suffragan Bishop Charlotte Beeler-Petty

More About Suffragan Bishop Charlotte Beeler-Petty

Reverend Charlotte Lee Beeler-Petty is the Pastor and founder of Risen Faith Fellowship Church located at 2129 East Fourth Street in Olympia, Washington.  Risen Faith Fellowship was established in January 1990 by Pastor Petty who is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.  Bishop Charles, and the late Evangelist Ruby Beeler, are her parents.  Reverend Charlotte Beeler-Petty is the second of twelve siblings and is a member of the family of God for over fifty-five years.

It was at Seattle Pacific College where she received her B.A. in Christian Education, and she then went on to Seattle University where she received her Masters in Education - Counseling and Guidance.

In 1967, she began working for the Washington State Employment Security Department as a seasonal interviewer and was progressively promoted to positions of increasing responsibility.

Reverend Beeler-Petty retired from state service June 30, 1993, in order to devote more time to the ministry which God ordained her for.  In April 23,1996, she was united in Holy Matrimony to Trustee Clinton E. Petty.

Reverend Beeler-Petty has also received some impressive honors and has made numerous contributions to her community.  Pastor Beeler-Petty is one the first women in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World elevated to Suffragan Bishop.



Creating a community church that looks like Heaven by exalting God, equipping the people of God, and evangelizing the world through Jesus Christ!